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Treatment Products

Care and Maintenance

Your roof is an investment that should receive the highest levels of care. At Gold Band, we are concerned about your roof. If given proper maintenance, your roof will last the life of the warranty or longer. Roof cleaning is gaining popularity, but high-pressure washing is never appropriate.

Choosing a Roof Care Professional

It is critical to choose a quality roof care professional. When choosing a roof care professional, the homeowner should be sure the company is a licensed contractor. Check with your local contractor board. To have a contractor’s license the company must be bonded and insured. The state can also tell you how long a particular contractor has been in business. It is very important that the contractor have a state industrial insurance account insuring their employees while on your job. Homeowners are liable for injuries to workers not covered by state industrial insurance.

Care of your Roof

  • Do not pressure wash your roof
  • Keep your roof clean
  • Use moss/fungus killer to protect your roof.

Note: You may want to consider having CCA treatment, which eliminates the use of moss/fungus killers.

Good housekeeping for your roof requires the removal of all leaf litter, needles and debris that accumulate over time. To promote drying, remove overhanging branches that excessively shade roof sections. Never allow tree branches to touch and rub against the surface of the roof.