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Cedar Shakes & Shingles - Proven Performance

For centuries cedar shakes and shingles have been used as a preferred roofing material. During the past two decades this proven product has been under fire by competitive products looking for a share of the residential roofing market. Today, cedar shakes and shingles have approximately 3.5% of the 110 million square residential roofing market in the United States.

There are over 75 imitation products now on the market that try to compare themselves to genuine cedar roofing. These imitations have targeted the cedar industry because of the upscale market. The imitation products tend to negative sell against cedar using distorted "fear appeal" campaigns.

This report was compiled to answer many questions, misconceptions and misinformation about cedar shakes and shingles. The data is all supported by third party testing, articles and reports.

The data provided shows Gold Band Cedar Shake and Shingle Brands to have:

  • Superior Wind Resistance
  • High Hail Resistance
  • Lightweight and Durability
  • High Insulating Value
  • Fire Resistance
  • Proven Longevity
  • Environmental Advantages

  • There is no "perfect" building product, but the overall performance of cedar shakes and shingles make them a preferred material.